kitchen island dresser {the reveal}

This is simply beautiful. I’m going to borrow some of her moves when I redo my hutch/cabinet, but I know what to do if my son ever kills my kitchen island again now. 🙂

you're so martha

well! i have certainly made you wait long enough to see my finished dresser-turned-kitchen-island. i didn’t mean to. life got in the way (doesn’t it always). and i was waiting for pictures on the broken computer. and when i got access to said computer, they weren’t there! the travesty. so i’m missing some process shots, but who needs those anyway? the good stuff is the final product shots, right?!

anyway. enough excuses. let’s start from the beginning.

the moment i saw this image on pinterest i had a mission: recreate this for my my one-drawer kitchen.

dresser into kitchen island{via}

it took me a few weeks of craigslist stalking, but the perfect kitchen-island-dresser specimen was finally mine.



once home, i removed the drawers and hardware, gave the dresser a light sanding, wiped it down with a tack cloth and began priming. i first used zinsser bulls eye 1-2-3 primer

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